ALL About Working With Japanese

Success Japan Seminar vol. 5

Stop Repeating the Same Mistakes Made for Years.  Get the Knowledge You Need to Win Together With Japanese!

In Person with the Author of Best-Selling “Winning Together at Japanese Companies” (English/Japanese & Thai/Japanese, Full Color/Illustrated)
  • Date: 2018/6/2(Sat) 13:00~16:00
  • Place: SHIP Shinagawa Industrial Platform, 5 minutes from JR Ohsaki st.

For People Who Want To

  • Know “why” Japanese behave the way they do
  • Learn the “crux” of Japanese business culture
  • Know how to earn the “trust” of Japanese managers
  • Build career without a high command of Japanese language
  • Learn how to “connect” with Japanese emotionally
  • Know how to manage a Japanese team while earning trust as a “good boss” in Japan (For foreign expatriates of MNCs)
  • Design working with Japanese program for foreign staff (For HR managers)

The Most Value-for-Money Intense Session that Addresses Your Personal Interests & Challenges!

Five Values of the Seminar

  • Understand “ambiguous” instructions better
  • Get your true abilities “recognized” properly
  • Know how to win the “trust” of Japanese boss
  • Know Japanese dilemma and “honne” to work with foreigners
  • Learn to enjoy both living and working in Japan

10 Training Points

  1. Crux of Japanese thought and behavior: Mandala of Japanese values
  2. What to do when your way and their way collides
  3. Unspoken valid reasons of “volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous” (VUCA) behaviors
  4. Key business practices: horenso and nemawashi
  5. Making a presentation that earns their trust
  6. Telling things straight without hurting their feelings
  7. Question skills to draw honne (true intentions) out of “shy” Japanese
  8. Earning the trust of Japanese managers
  9. Managing a Japanese team while earning trust as a “good boss” in Japan (works for expatriates of MNCs)
  10. Profile of good employees Japanese like at heart!

Take Aways

  1. Skill-packed materials that work as on-the-job reference guide
  2. Excerpts of Kawatani’s book “Winning Together at Japanese Companies”
  3. Free email coaching for unlimited period about Working With Japanese


Kawatani Takashi
  • Crosscultural Management Consultant
  • Japan specialist who has trained 10,000 international business persons & Japanese expats globally
  • President, Diversity Management Institute Inc. Lived in Kuala Lumpur 1992~2009.
  • Research theme: Crosscultural Management×Asia Pacific Business×Japanese Business Culture
  • Formerly: lecturer at Sanno University, special advisor for Japan Overseas Enterprises Association, Research associate at Center for Japan Studies, Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia, etc.
  • Conducting consultation and training at Asia Pacific, US, Europe, Japan.
  • Research commissioned by Japan Bank for International Cooperation (Malaysia’s Look East Policy), etc.

Spreading Japan Spirit to the World

I am hosting an English internet TV show "Japan Spirit". You can enjoy it on YouTube every montth.

Globe-trotting for Crosscultural Skills for Japan

Interviewing non-Japanese entrepreneurs in search for crosscultural skills for Japan. Covered 18 countries and interviewed more than 100 people. Conducted crosscultural management trainings & presentations in 14 countries so far.

Program Details

Date2018/6/2(Sat) 13:00~16:00
SHIP Shinagawa Industrial Platform, 5 minutes walk from JR Ohsaki st.
Size12 persons only
LanguageEnglish *必要に応じて日本語訳します。

¥5,000 (Tax included)

  • Do you know anyone having the similar need to learn about Working With Japanese? Graduate of past seminars and her friend: ¥2,500 each
  • Bring Kawatani’s book “Winning Together at Japanese Companies”: ¥3,000
  • LinkedIn or Face Book share of this seminar with URL and writeup of more than 600 words: ¥4,000 (you must share at the time of registration and send your link before the seminar date)
No cancelation entertained. The ticket can be transferred to your friend.
Diversity Management Institute Inc.

Participants’ Voice from Success Japan Seminar

  • This is the first time I took the program that help foreigners to feel integrated and comfortable in Japanese company. Actually my company now encounter many problems with non- Japanese staffs. Kawatani sensei was able to take the complex and make it simple. I was surprised that he pointed out areas where I should be do things better. And I also like the seminar is very easy- going atmosphere. This seminar is very helpful and tuned in to where the participants are. Sensei was very approachable and encouraging. I and maybe the all participants there all feel that we learnt a lot about the things that it was really fun too. We learnt about some reasons behind the Japanese work culture, their business behaviors and concrete steps to connect with them. As my case, I really needed and enjoyed this seminar for many reasons not least for interacting with other non - Japanese who work for Japan companies and many professionals from various disciplines who all have the same interest about cross cultural. Even now, Japanese work culture, their business behaviors are sometime too difficult to understand but I still deeply love Japan and Japanese. I hope this seminar will reach more people and wish every foreigner will success work at Japanese companies.

  • Had a good time at Kawatani’s seminar, was fun and informative. He was able to give practical advice about actual issue we were facing while working in Japan. I have been in Japan for 6 years, even then it was extremely helpful to have him organize the feelings and thoughts I had about how Japanese society and in particular Japanese organizations work. The documents we were given had practical and clear advice! Highly recommend attending, make sure to think about some of the biggest issues you have before attending. Also make sure to let Kawatani san know before attending and he will try to tailor a solution for you. Good Luck and thanks Kawatani san!

  • Yes, I will give 5 STARS to this seminar and Kudos to Kawatani sensei's initiative and super presentation skills! I attended the very first seminar on Nov25th, 2017. He has deep knowledge and experience in cross-cultural management.Even I am working in Japan for last 3 years now, I have learned many secrete/hidden meanings of the behavior of Japanese people on work-place, also about the ideas and values of Japanese management system.It was not kind of one-way communication, but all participants got the chance to get involved which helped to explore the topic, eventually helped us to learn most out of it.Got answers to many of my "Why Japanese People??

  • By participating to Mr Kawatani’s conference, I managed to understand the philosophy of Japanese companies deeper, and learn more about different parts of the Japanese culture. He also proposed diverse guidance on our approach to certain situations at work, in order to solve misunderstandings that can raise between your manager and you, and dissolve the frustration that would follow. I would be very happy to take part to another seminar soon to deepen my knowledge about the Japanese professional environment and themes of the Japanese culture in general. “Remember why you came to Japan originally”, we had to ponder on that sentence for a short time, and I thought that there could not be better theme to reflect on. Even if the culture is sometimes difficult to understand as a foreigner, I still love Japan very deeply! Thank you Mr Kawatani and Yukiko for your precious time on that day!!